Data Management

For 12 years, ARCOM has been designing and implementing big data, BI and analytics solutions that allow government and companies to transform raw data into valuable insights and make informed business decisions. Certified by Microsoft, our team works with a wide technology stack, including Power BI, Tableau, alteryx and other frameworks.

Arabian Information Tecchnology Co.

Big Data Consulting & Assessments

Although organizations today have a huge amount of data at their disposal, they seldom have the capabilities to evangelize an approach to utilize and analyze that data for gaining business insights and intelligence. ARCOM Big Data Consulting Services can help such organizations initiate and execute their big data strategy.

  • Architecture Assessment
  • Infrastructure Planning and Administration
  • Data Analysis
  • Platform Standardization

BI Platform Implementation

Utilization and analysis of available data to solve business problems calls for expertise in implementation of platforms and tools. ARCOM works as a partner with clients for end-to-end implementations of selected big data and analytics solutions.

  • Cloud Ecosystem
  • MapR Platform
  • Business Intelligence - SQL Data Services, Power BI, Tableau, Oracle BDD, etc.
  • Streaming and Event Analytics
Arabian Information Tecchnology Co.

BI Platform Operation & Maintenance

As enterprises continue to utilize different client interaction mechanisms, data keeps increasing in volume, structure and sources. This increase needs to be seamlessly integrated with the existing big data ecosystem, which calls for optimal ongoing management of the various platforms and applications.

  • Platform Support including MapR Administration, Cluster and Node Monitoring, Cluster Support ensuring high availability, upgrade and patches
  • Application Support covering Hadoop Jobs monitoring, application enhancements and on-going application support
  • Resource Augmentation with Big Data consultants (to support Hadoop tools), jobs, new installations, application developers and data scientists (to build data tools and support developers)