Information Security

In this field, we provide services to secure information circulated over the Internet from the risks and threats. With the development of technology and means of storing and exchanging information in different ways or the so-called transfer of data over the network from one location to another, the issue of the security of that data and information has become a very important obsession and vital issue. Our services in this field, can be defined briefly, as providing protection for information from the threats or the barrier that prevents it from being attacked, by providing the tools and means necessary to provide it to protect information from internal or external risks, as well as setting standards and procedures taken to prevent information from reaching the hands of people who are not authorized and to guarantee the authenticity and correctness of these communications.

This service includes hardware and software necessary to secure various layers of the network. It goes all the way from physically associating a service to a specific network outlet or device, grouping through policies or domains, source/destination based, protocol based, server based, channel based, link based, and so on.

This service offers deploying physical access control systems topologies including serial controllers, serial main and sub-controllers, serial controllers with terminal servers, networkenabled main controllers, IP controllers and IP readers.

This service is crucial for every organization regardless of their nature or activity. Data security caters for protection on data access, data amendment, and data deletion. Actually, a strong data security policy makes an organization go towards the cloud or not.

This service offers positioning and maintaining all the aspects of securing infrastructure beginning with a security assessment of Windows Server and desktop, email, mobile, SharePoint, Group Policy, patch management, Forefront Client Security and other key Microsoft infrastructure devices and software.

This service focuses on operational planned IT tasks including development, releases and deployments, analysis, systems and security administration, networks & telephony, Service Desk. It includes IT maintenance tasks such as incident and problem management or corrective and preventive maintenance.