Digital Transformation

ARCOM digital transformation practice tightly integrated with business industries, and our business and technology-trained consultants work closely with the delivery side, bridging the gap between IT and business. Now more than ever, technology providers in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia want to deliver products and services better, faster, and cheaper. At the same time, in the hightechnology environment especially in government, petroleum, banking and communication sectors have found themselves building increasingly complex products and services with the necessity of being able to manage and control this complex development and maintenance process.

ARCOM enables organizations to enhance efficiency, focus on greater innovation and gain a competitive advantage by offering our own digital transformation knowledge based consulting services through emphasizing on improving the work necessary to build and maintain the products by offering an integrated total solution architecture.

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DevOps service is designed to help clients manage the entire lifespan of one or more applications within an organization, using a set of proven processes supported by tools. Our Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) services are designed to help clients manage the entire lifespan of one or more applications within the client organization, using a set of proven processes supported by tools which integrate team members and activities. This service bundle contains the following services:

  • Continuous Requirements
  • Continuous Implementation
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Product Management
  • Continuous Configuration Management

Business Process Engineering

ARCOM BPM Services offers process centric solutions for business to design, execute, monitor, and measure both automated and nonautomated business processes. ARCOM Business Process Management (BPM) Services offer process centric solutions for today's agile business to identify, design, execute, document, monitor, control, and measure both automated and non-automated business processes to achieve targeted results consistent with an organization's strategic goals.

  • Process Modeling
  • Process Implementation
  • Process Optimization
Arabian Information Tecchnology Co.
Arabian Information Tecchnology Co.


CMMI Assessment This service offers conducting assessments based on CMMI to identify the strengths and improvement potentials of client's organization with regard to CMMI. Expect from our assessments tangible and precise findings about the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. These findings are a reliable starting point upon which you can plan the next steps of your CMMI improvement initiative.

  • CMMI Implementation
  • SCAMPI A/B/C Appraisal

Enterprise Project Management Automation

ARCOM Enterprise Project Management (EPM) services help streamlining and automating the governance and execution of portfolios of projects throughout the life cycles; from proposal to post-implementation tracking of results and by improving decisionmaking, communication, risk management, and productivity within management processes. Our EPM implementation services help the client improve quality and project success rates, reduce cycle times, and increase throughput, resulting in increased ROI across the portfolios.

  • Demand Management Automation
  • Project Execution Automation
  • Resource Management Automation
  • Risk Management Automation
  • Enterprise Collaboration Automation
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